The best predictor of a component’s future behaviour

Annoyed. We found by coincidence a bug in our (beta) system. Possible blocking the operation if we go live without a fix. We need to verify our assumption. Damn another bug, I thought we found most of them already…….because our bug tracking system contains many entries.

Today I reread a section of Perfect Software and Other Illusions about Testing, by Jerry Weinberg. (p.118)

Early bug findings are the best predictor of a component’s future behaviour. Lots of bugs found quickly suggests there will be lots more bugs found in the long run.”

hmmm…..early bug findings………

I will do my best not to forget this lesson.


Firing squad questionnaire


A great software project means….

(A) The actual user is happy about it,
(B) Everyone (i.e. projectteam, sponsor) else is happy about it.

Perhaps users should consider reinstating Firing Squads……depending on the outcome of this little survey….

I hope they don’t need to…..

Behind the Chinese Wall

Walls. Some problems crossed my mind.

Problem nr 1: noticing the wall.
Walls are high, especially the Chinese Wall variant, you might not even recognize it as a wall. Perhaps you are to close to the wall to even see it?

Problem nr 2: climbing the wall.
Walls…intended to protect something we (they) value…hmmm….we might benefit if only we know what it is that needs protection. Curiousity is required here.

We need a ladder, put it against our wall, and start climbing. It will not be an easy task, it can even be scared, and involves risks.

Problem nr 3: understanding the value behind the wall
We managed to get behind the wall. Applause, many before us never made it.

We see people, working hard, doing the best they can given certain constraints. But we don’t understand them, they seem to speak a different language. (“Weirdos”)

Let me share a secret: they are working is a similair “container” just like you.

Oh by the way, if you invest time to get to know them..guess what? You will benefit!