Technology Transfer (part II)

Monday, the Technology Transfer started. What happened? Well, take an educated guess. We are still trying to find out what when wrong and why…sigh. No news anymore from the migration team. Yeah, let maintenance solve it…..sigh.

The Plan
Yes, the migration team made a plan. Thou salt have a plan to lead thee out of the wilderness.

It was a specific plan, very detailed. The plan contained activities, durations and involved people. Not bad, a plan helps building structure. Unfortunately, something went wrong (OMG). How was that possible? Hmmm the plan lacked an activity called “solving problems”…

Simple math
The assumption of the plan was that all the activities would be successful (100%), none would fail. Let’s think. What is the assumption was different? What if we say that each activity had a low probability of failing, say 5%. That means that the chance that at least one of them will fail is nearly 65%. That is, one minus the 20th power of 0.95. That’s no rocket science, but simple basic Math.

I don’t know yet when we will finish this migration. Luckily, this was the migration of the Acceptance Environment.

No happy ending yet…..


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