Project indicators for trouble

Trouble and projects, closely related words. The way people act can be a great indicator to find out if your project is heading for trouble. Over the years I found some very useful phrases that could indicate bad news is coming;

  • Thinking? That’s a luxury we can’t afford anymore!
  • I’m doing the best I can!
  • We are doing the best we can! (that’s even worse)
  • That’s not my job!
  • That’s (pointing) John’s job! He’s responsible for <whatever>
  • Mysterious silence……
  • It’s just a minor slip in the schedule….nothing to worry about….we will catch up..(yeah sure)
  • A colleague wishing you good luck….
  • Someone suggesting we could/should skip reviewing to catch up with the schedule….
  • An increase use of lullaby words during meetings

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