(@#$%^&).. It works on my machine…..

Hi, I’m Ronald, and I’m not a developer. Today’s blog is a reaction to an email I received.

The e-mail;
According the csv-export for certain users: Yes, I know about the issue but unfortunately it works on my machine, so I will be unable to evaluate it (I attached the mail dialog about it).”

Excuse me? It works on my machine? Oh common, who cares “it works on your machine”? Make it work on my machine! Do you really think I’m making this up?

I know software development is difficult. I respect programmers for their creativity, testers for their pursuit to inform me about the quality of the product, users for their desperate need for that awesome feature (but we need it yesterday and can’t specify it as we should). I am sure there was a time that answer was a perfectly good reason to ignore this bug report.

BUT, I just hate the answer: It works on my machine. Let me explain why. My experience is that this answer is followed up by following behaviour; “since I can’t reproduce your problem, I will not investigate the issue anymore, and therefore I will pretend there is no problem.

Proposed solution;
Please, next time, if “It works on my machine” happens….at least reply with a decent answer. Something like: “I understand the consequences of the issue (or not, if so help me), and know it’s important to you (dear project manager, client, sponsor, user etc). At this moment I am having difficulties understanding “why” it happens. Could I get some more time to investigate the issue, could you assist me with additional information?

I will appreciate an answer like this. Thank you.


One thought on “(@#$%^&).. It works on my machine…..

  1. If a developer says “it works on my machine” means that he didn’t finish the change…..so he has still work to do….

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