This hashtag is trending on Twitter. Techies all over the world share their horror situations. Good news, we all seem to agree on the horrors. Next year perhaps on the solutions?

Enjoy reading;
This change is very small
I only changed one line
It works on my machine
It’s only a temporary fix
This site requires Internet Explorer.
Let’s just push it live
It’s just a simple fix.
Wait, have you tried restarting?
An unexpected error has occurred.
Lets Waterfall this €20M project
Yes, we are absolutely certain.
This hotfix is low risk
We need a testing environment?
It is all top priority.
We’ll let Support handle that.
This won’t impact the schedule.
I am doing my best
We are doing our best
I committed you to this.
// not sure why this works
We’ll save money by outsourcing!
Thinking not needed, use template!
Just stick it in Excel
No one will do that.
We are writing legacy code
Sorry, your session timed out.
Is it a show stopper?


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