My Appreciations

2013. Definitely not a boring year. I want to appreciate the people who taught me so many things I already knew, but never understood.

I appreciate;

  • The AYE Quartet (Jerry , Esther , Johanna and Don) for the insight that people change one at the time.
  • Tom for his persistence, throughout this year, to remind me that a crisis is just the end of an illusion (Rhonda’s First Revelation)
  • Michael for teaching me projects should start on time, which is not equal to: as soon as possible. (AHA!)
  • Gerald for showing that you don’t have time, you make time. Thanks for listening to all my project war stories.
  • Darek, Reshma, Casper and Anouk for teaching me the best ingredient for successful project teams; professionals who love their job.

Looking forward to 2014.


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