My view on the concept of Leadership

Recently I overheard a discussion about the concept of leadership within my company. The word makes me smile since a couple of years. There are many ideas and definitions about this word.

After attending the Problem Solving Leadership Workshop (2011) & the Change Artistry Workshop (2013), my view about leadership is summarized in a poem and a statement;

If you are a good leader,
Who talks little,
They will say,
When your work is done,
And your aim fulfilled,
“We did it ourselves.”
— Lao Tse —

 Leadership is the process of creating an environment in which people become empowered.
— Jerry Weinberg —

This environment must contain three ingredients:

  • Motivation–the trophies or trouble, the push or pull that moves the people involved
  • Organization–the existing structure that enables the ideas to be worked through into practice
  • Ideas or innovation–the seeds, the image of what will become

Note: creating the environment is hard work, destroying it is easily done.

It is time to re-read “Becoming a Technical Leader an organic problem-solving approach” again.


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