Simple as ABC……

I like well designed workshops. They give me positive energy. The most interesting part for me is where stakeholders discuss which features are included (and some thereby excluded) in next release. Sometimes you ‘just’ have to (gently) push them to make the prioritization. Easy, done it before.

Easy, that little word got me thinking. Thesaurus of easy; piece of cake, effortless, no problem, no sweat, simple as ABC, straightforward…hmmmmm……

I decided to put myself to the test, a.k.a ‘eat my own dog food‘. I love, and I guess the feeling is mutual. Over the years many books filled my bookcase. The test: I have to choose 3 of my precious books.

The long list;

My first reaction? No, these are ALL good books, all of them are such a good reads, I care about these books. Let’s just change the 3 into a 5, no that would be self-deception. It’s not necessary to lie to myself.

Whatever happens, Becoming a Technical Leader will make the top 3. I love that book, and it’s a signed copy. It must make the top 3. The Mythical Man Month. Does it needs an explanation? It’s Fred Brooks, is it the best software book ever written? Brooks makes it to the top 3. D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y.

Lets pick the last book. We have……..Weinberg (2x), DeMarco & Lister (2x), Senge and Humphrey. Simple as ABC, no sweat??? Okay I can survive without Perfect Software, if I must, that book has helped me very well over the last few years. Waltzing with bears, such a great read from DeMarco & Lister (aren’t they all?). So many aha-moments in that little book on risk management. Quality Software Management (QMS) and the Fifth Discipline do cover the same subject (Systems thinking). Senge covers more theory, but QMS is applied to the software business. Both very well written. I choose QMS. Learned a lot from Humprey, it’s a classic. I’m going to regret it leaving these books behind.

What’s left? QMS and Peopleware. Two totally different subjects are covered in those books. That’s why I bought them! O no, my stomach doesn’t feel good, can’t believe it. I have to choose between QMS or Peopleware. Think! 4 hours later on this sunny afternoon.

I choose …..I choose………did I just bite one of my nails off?……… I choose……………..Peopleware. Argh….I left QMS behind, that hurts, feels like I have to make an apologise to Jerry. Let’s roundup.

The short list

  • Becoming a Technical Leader: An Organic Problem-Solving Approach
  • The Mythical Man Month and Other Essays on Software Engineering
  • Peopleware: Productive Projects & Teams 2nd Edition

Thank God it’s just an excersise! Next time I tell the project’s stakeholders I know it’s not easy.


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